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Who supports the projects of Los Manantiales, Valle Escondido and Altos de San Pablo?

MBC Grupo Inmobiliario, a leading company with more than 20 years experience in the Costa Rican real estate market and a pioneer developing residential iniciatives in the Turrubares area. MBC strives to develop recreational villas and small farm projects in safe areas of high real estate growth and high property value appreciation.

MBC Grupo Inmobiliario is a solid company commited to render the client the outmost professional service, offering the investor the opportunity to acquire properties at more competitive prices than those offered in Atenas and Orotina. Furthermore, its real estate inventory is varied and caters to different budgets.

MBC Grupo Inmobiliario,has an office in the area to serve the client in every aspect, offering design, construction, financing and maintenance services amonsgt others.


What are the advantages that Turrubares offer?

An strategic location at only 30 minutes from San José and the Central Pacific Beaches; access through Route 27, excellent climate, prices more competitve than those offered in Atenas and Orotina, long term business projection, high property value appreciation, safe and healthy environments... The best place to invest because it offeres the facilities of the city with the benefits of the countryside.

County 16 of the Province of San José.
Extension: 414 km2
Population: 4,877 inhabitants
Altitud: From 250 to 1,700 mts ASL.
Average Annual Precipitation: 2,560 ml.
Average Annual Temperature: 25.4° C


Why buy in TURRUBARES vrs Atenas and Orotina?

Turrubares, unlike Atenas and Orotina, has succeeded in ensuring affordable prices for the land. In Turrubares you can find different tracts of land at the best price per mt2. The proximity with route 27 positions it differently and places you at high added value.